The Preposterous Podcast is a weekly exploration of all things strange and unusual – from the mysteries of the supernatural to the most fantastic tales from history. We delve through stories, legends and lore to discuss the unexplainable and the bewildering. Enjoy tales of ghosts, monsters and miracles as we step away from the practicality of our everyday lives and embrace the preposterous.


Eric and Niche grew up as neighbors in the heart of the Pennsylvanian woodlands. Stomping in streams, examining salamanders, and swapping ghost stories around many a campfire, they developed a lifelong friendship centered around a shared passion for the wondrous and extraordinary.

Niche’s curiosity in religion, science and spirituality led her to diverge from her traditional monotheistic upbringing to become a self-proclaimed “Spiritual Atheist,” interested in all things elemental and occult. An artist and scribe since childhood, she can now be found painting, drawing, podcasting, crafting and fortune-telling in cozy downtown Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

Eric’s lifelong devotion to literature and the dramatic arts was a direct influence on him striving to seek out the essence of unexplainable things. Exploring eastern healing arts and spirituality from an early age, he developed an active practice of Buddhism, which emphasizes the mystic nature of all phenomena. As a storyteller, thespian, and pop culture encyclopedia, he is contributing to the podcast from his newly adopted home of New Haven, Connecticut.