Ep 4 – Law of Attraction “Bananas Everywhere”

Eric and Niche discuss the idea of the Law of Attraction. What is it? Is it harmful or helpful?




Episode 3: Tarot “The Delicious Root”

Eric, Niche and Chris discuss the history of tarot and its philosophies.

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Episode 2: Glossolalia

In episode 2, Eric and Niche explore the phenomenon of Glossolalia, a.k.a. Speaking in Tongues, with our special guest, Francesca Farrisi. Francesca shares with us her experiences with glossolalia and shares some of her beliefs that led her to receive these spiritual messages.


  • The Religions Book: Big Ideas Simply Explained, DK, 2013



Featured Artwork (above): “What God Is Like.” 2017, digital painting. 17″ x 11″ by Francesca Farrisi.



Follow Francesca @francescatheartist on Instagram.



Episode 1: The Seance 

Episode 1 covers Seances and the strange phenomena surrounding them. We talk a little history about the infamous Fox Sisters, mediums and Spiritualism with our special guest, Chris Devine.


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